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HC4 Peeled Timber

Prices are subject to change and are exclusive of VAT. Last update: 19/05/2019.

Metric | Imperial

1650x75-100mm round stake

5′6″ x 3-4″
Round Stake

Price: £3.27

1800x75-100mm round stake

6′ x 3-4″
Round Stake

Price: £3.55

1800x100-125mm round stake

6′ x 4-5″
Round Stake

Price: £5.63

2100x100-125mm round stake

7′ x 4-5″
Round Stake

Price: £6.57

7′ x 5-6″ round stake

7′ x 5-6″
Round Stake

Price: £9.38

8′ x 3-4″ round stake

8′ x 3-4″
Round Stake

Price: £4.22

8′ x 6-7″ round stake

8′ x 6-7″
Round Stake

Price: £14.70

image coming soon

8′ x 7-8″
Round Stake

Price: £19.49

Arch® Timber Protection - 15 Year Warranty:

‘The guarantee refers to the re-supply only of the ‘failed product’ and not any consequential costs/losses. The guarantee refers to the technical failure of the treatment only and not other product defects, e.g. shape of product, insect or rot damage before treatment.’

‘The treatment of HC4 is aimed at preventing ‘fungal decay’ of the wood cell walls and ‘insect attack’ that destroys the timber structure - these render the component unfit for purpose. The treatment does not prevent surface stain of mould fungi.’


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